Amazon FBA Prep Service

FBA prep service

Amazon FBA Prep Services

Since our company invested in silicone consumer products in 2015, we have established cooperative relationships with more and more Amazon sellers. We found that many start-up and small sellers are not as capable as large sellers to rent their own warehouses and build teams. The sellers themselves have to spend a lot of time to arrange packaging, labeling, quality inspection, logistics, etc., so they do not have enough Energy and time to operate the store, which seriously affects the sales and listing quality of the store.

In order to make customers to devote their main time to store operations, our company expanded the warehouse area and formed a dedicated team to provide FBA PREP SERVICE for small and medium-sized sellers. The purpose of providing this service is to assist small and medium-sized sellers to invest more time, energy and funds to promote our products, increase sales and profit, and grow together. Nowadays, more and more customers choose our service, and we have also witnessed many small sellers turning into big sellers.


We can create new package for your product, like layout design for a simple carton box, EVA foam to protect the items in the box, etc.


Seehope is able to add correct labels and barcodes to your products. We can help to design the labels, print the labels and add it to your products. 


We can ship your products to Amazon warehouses, 3rd party warehouses or your own warehouse.